Weekly changes in commodity prices

Weekly changes in commodity prices

👈 The jump in the price of scrap imported from #Turkey… gives the signal that the prices of the #Black_Sea have reached their bottom, and the increase in the price of iron ore in Chinese ports also contributes to this issue… which can be good news for the middle east steel industry.

Iron concentrate +4.7% ↖️

Billet Tangshan #China 3.1%+↖️

Ferosilis Europe 1.8%+↖️

FOB China hot sheet 1.2%+↖️

Indian sponge iron 0.3%+↖️

East Asian billet -1.7%

Black Sea Slab – 1.9%

Billet fob Iran -2.8%

Slab fob Iran 3.3%-🔻

China’s export coke -3.8%

Cold sheet of the Black Sea – 4%

Black sea hot sheet – 4.7% 🔻

East Asian slab – 10.1%

Australian coal – 15%